Episode #01 - Donna Barker, technical ghost-writer, award-winning author, and creative entrepreneur


Interview with author and creative entrepreneur Donna Barker.


Ghost Writing

Donna Barker, technical ghost-writer, award-winning author of quirky women’s fiction and creative entrepreneur is the inaugural guest on the Not-Starving Artist – How She Does It podcast.


I rebel against the advice that writers should write with an audience in mind. Write for yourself, as if no one will ever read what you’ve written.


In this show, Donna and I talk about:

  • Ghost-writing

  • Self-publishing

  • Donna’s daily routine that allows her to be a creative entrepreneur, wife and mother.

I met Donna over a year ago now, when she was organising the Creative Woman Summit - Passion to Profit. This was her first summit to plan and, true to form, Donna and her business partner jumped right in, figured things out as they went along, and delivered a stunning summit. Since then, they’ve gone on to the establish the Creative Academy, and she’s busy writing a new book, “Writer on Fire” and compiling an anthology with other writers.

See? The perfect first guest for a show about how busy creative women get it all done.


You can find out more about Donna here:



Don’t compare your first draft to someone else’s final product.
Don’t let the voices in your head stop you from writing.