Episode #03 - Ria Sharon, artist and online art teacher


Ria Sharon is the artist behind the 'Wild and Precious' range – a line of functional and wearable art inspired by her love of nature and animals and her mindfulness practice. She is also one of the top 1% of teachers on the online learning platform Skillshare, where she teaches the popular “Sketchbook Magic” series. Her classes cultivate art as a process of self-care and self-discovery.


Yes, you can design your life, you can ask for what you want. You can be the artist you want to be.


Focus of the show:

  • Designing your life as an artist

  • How Ria's own design products were created and are now sold in stores and online.

  • Life balance with a full-time job and how to turn a creative hobby into a career.


You can find out more about Ria here:


What are Ria Sharon’s main tips for creative success?

There’s something you can do for your art every day. Even just one thing.
Protect your art. Keep it fun.