Episode #04 - Fiona Ingram, award-winning children's book author, romance author & passionate animal ambassador


Fiona Ingram is the author of the award-winning children’s adventure book called The Secret of the Sacred Scarab. She’s written two other books in this series and her passion for animals has also led her to create Caladrius Books, which is dedicated to various animal rescue sites and their amazing stories. Fiona also writes Regency romance novels under the pseudonym Arabella Sheraton.



“Never give up, never give up, never give up!”


Focus of the show:

  • Writing for different aged audiences

  • Self-publishing

  • Writing under a pseudonym

  • Creating your own success

  • Writing for children as well as adults, self-publishing, creating your own opportunities.


You can find out more about Fiona here:

What are Fiona Ingram’s main tips for creative success?

Make sure your work meets the industry standards.
Everyday tell somebody about your work.