Episode #09 – Barbara Grace, from The School of Modern Psychology


As creatives, we often take our creativity for granted. Because we're creative, we apply our efforts to our creative pursuits rather than spending time thinking about what creativity actually is.

But Barbara Grace, a phenomenal woman that I can spend hours talking to, does exactly that. She spends her time thinking about creativity - what it is, how we access it, how we can nurture it, how we use it in every aspect of our lives and much more.


Creativity isn't only about art - it's about life and how we choose to live it.


What is creativity? (And why do we care?)

The dictionary defines creativity as a noun, and defines it in three ways:

  • The state or quality of being creative,

  • The ability to transcend traditional ways of thinking and to create new ideas, forms, methods etc.

  • The process by which we we utilize our creative ability.


Which is a long winded way of saying what we intuitively know about creativity - that if we have it, we can do things differently, right?

Barbara has a different view of creativity

She likens it to linguistics, and says that creativity is just another language - one that we all knew how to speak when we were little, but that some of us have simply forgotten. Personally, I like this metaphor for creativity, because it means that we can re-learn how to speak it, much in the same way as we might go about learning any other language. Through lots of practice, engaging with other people who know how to speak that language and possibly immersing oneself in it.

This is an empowered view of creativity, and not one that leaves us feeling like we missed out on the talent boat.

Why is it even important to spend time thinking about creativity?

Because we don't always have it.Because sometimes we forget how to speak this language. We stumble and stutter feeling like we don't have another creative thought to draw on.

For an artist, that could spell disaster.

But it doesn't have to. Once we understand the creative process, and our own creative nature better, we sill once again speak Creativity fluently and our art will benefit.

The School of Modern Psychology

Barbara is the brains behind The School of Modern Psychology. http://www.schoolofmodernpsychology.com/. - a beautiful haven where people can come to gain clarity, transform themselves and reach for their highest potential.

Understanding creativity should be a mandatory learning area for any artist. Once we really understand how creativity works, we will be able to overcome those "blocks" and blank moments, attacks of the inner critic and the self doubt that ensues.

Imagine being a confident, productive, self-assured artist at the top of your creative game?

Imagine knowing proven strategies that develop creative thinking, nurture it and help you to access it whenever you need it?

That's what Barbara's school offers, and she doesn't only work with artists. She works with anyone who wishes to transform their lives, who want to achieve their goals, upgrade their thinking and live the life they want. 

Because ultimately, creativity isn't only about painting, drawing, sewing, baking or pottery. Creativity is a way of life. And we can all tap into this natural human characteristic and use it purposefully to design our lives. (To see how one artist deliberately set out to design her creative life, and make it look the way she wanted it to, listen to the podcast with Ria Sharon here. And be prepared to be inspired!)

If you're keen to know more about how your creativity works, then listen to Barbara Grace's interview by clicking the play button at the top of this page.